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I. V

1. become


I. V

1. give

2. do

3. become


  • Gramatical:
    Lexical verb (to give) with extensions to general verb (to do) used as a helping verb. Has also an inchoative meaning.
    It is basically a transitive verb, with a corresponding intransitive form 'ting', although it can be used as an intransitive. Common in expressions as helping verb with borrowed verbs, as in 'larn tang' (to learn), or with adjectives as in 'taara tang' (to get big).


I. V

1. get

2. become

3. happen

4. feel

5. do


  • Gramatical:
    In the 'do' or 'get' senses, 'ting' can be a helping verb in new compound verbs.