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I. N

1. animal,mammal spider monkey , [ESP] Mono arana
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Bleera sulkup ikuaakar kauling isii.
    The monkey has fingers like a man.
    El mono tiene dedos como el hombre.
  • Bleera ituk kat aap ki imalki yalkungi.
    The monkey wraps his tail on the tree trunk and hangs down.
    El mono enrolla su cola en el tronco del árbol y se cuelga hacia abajo.



  • Etnográfica:
    Used as the generic name for 'monkey', and sometimes specifically for the spider monkey.

bleera saala

I. N

1. animal,mammal spider monkey


  • Etnográfica:
    Not hunted for food, as it looks like people, though some have tried it. Miskitu eat it. As of 2008 becoming very scarce. Noted in 2009 that up creek there is a small line of trees between a Rama plantation and a Mestizo potrero through which a troop passes, and that they have been observed eating corn, something which they had never previously been seen doing.