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ngulkang airi

I. N

1. animal,food,mammal wari soup


ngulkang airi
white lipped peccary soup


  • Etnográfica:
    One of the foods you prepare when you kill a wari. You make the soup after you have roasted the meat and shared it out. You boil rice in water and add boiled wari meat, salt and coconut milk. You can add gourd pepper, black pepper, onion if you have it. Another, probably more traditional way to make the soup (from cane creek) is to boil the meat, and peel and boil green banana. Then beat the banana with the wabul stick and put it in the wari soup water. Add salt, gourd or other pepper, culantro or basil. Leave the wari head for the following morning. That you can boil and then stew (with coconut milk) or make more soup.