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I. N

2. animal,mammal white lipped peccary


  • Etnográfica:
    Preferred bush meat which may be eaten roasted, or roasted and stewed in coconut milk, or salted and stewed. Also sold salted in Bluefields. Traditionally hunted with bow and arrow, currently hunted mostly with gun, and with the help of small dogs if they have them. Some still use homemade lances to hunt them.
    Figures prominently in Adam stories and belief system in general. Lots of beliefs regarding waris and fer de lance snakes (tamagaf). There is also a "wari owner," a little man who lives in the bush and who controls release of the wari from a big hole deep in the bush, where he also hides them sometimes.
    You are supposed to hang the skull facing the direction of where it was killed so that it will call the others for you to hunt them. The hunter is not supposed to eat the guts or the feet. In Cane Creek they don't keep the guts to eat but in Rama Cay they do. But it is good for the hunter to eat the nose so that he can smell the wari from far away.
    You cut out the wari scent (an organ about 4x2 1/2 inches, oval, from around the kidney area) and roast it for the dog.