kaat pronunciación

I. N

1. body leg

2. body foot

3. body penis

4. artef.,body handle

5. plant stick

6. artef.,house post

7. plant log

8. plant tree


9. artef. staff


  • Etnográfica:
    Originally word for tree and leg, and parts of object 'long and rigid'. Boards are valuable. They are sometimes scavenged from the beach, occasionally hand-sawed, but more often bought. Some of the old people, especially down in the bush, like to put up lumber, nails, a sheet, a good shirt and pants or dress, for when they die. These will usually be up in the house rafters, or perhaps in another smaller house in the bush. It's a problem to keep other people from taking them, though, especially the boards and nails.
  • Gramatical:
    Often pronounced with short vowel. See short form 'kat' as class marker for long and rigid objects.

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