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1. animal,food,hunting,reptile iguana
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Salpka an saliuk itangkit su kurang ikuaakar.
    The fish and the iguana have a back bone on their back.
    El pez y la iguana tienen un hueso en su espalda.



  • Etnográfica:
    It is an iguana species that is green young and adult. Dry weather, March, especially, is iguana time. Catching them is usually teamwork: If you see one on a tree, one person climbs to shake it off, ad the others strategically place themselves below on the ground and in the creek to try to catch it when it drops. This often means that you have to "dive" it. Either way, you have to try to grab it by the head and the base of the tail. Ramas traditionally don't shoot them to catch them, but Mestizos do. It is a highly desireable meat which was also formerly sold, but which is now (2008) extremely scarce. Iguana can be roasted and then run down with coconut milk and breadkind. Soup is made by boiling the meat until soft, taking it out, and then adding breadkind, rice, and condiments (onion, gourd pepper, sweet pepper, black pepper) to the broth. The you might stew the softened meat separately in coconut milk with breadkind and condiments if you have them. If the iguana had eggs that were still very soft, you would probably stew them along with the softened meat in the coconut milk. The head is usually roasted for the dog.

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