aalbut aing nkiikna

I. N

1. human snake doctor


  • Etnográfica:
    There are no longer any traditional Rama snake doctors, as the Moravian missionaries dissuaded the last one on Rama Cay, and no others were known, though everyone has some knowledge about bush cures, and some of the older men who live in the southern areas know more than others people. Miskitu are generally acknowledged to know more about snakebite cures these days, though it is more often self-acclaimed Spanish campesinos who are called on in emergencies. These people often charge exhorbitant rates ahead of time, such as all of the family's good cookware plus food and other things of value since most people don't have much cash. The outcome is not often good unless the victim is lucky and didn't get a good dose of venom. See 'aalbut aing dakta'

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