I. N

1. animal,shellfish land crab
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Takayak ngaling tupki aakituing sii su kuyaanik.
    This crab lives under rocks way up in the river.


  • Etnográfica:
    Not distinguished from 'wairu' crab by younger people. This is the bush land crab that lives on high land way up in the creek. Most people won't eat it, but will eat krais and wairu, although only the legs (and the big claw for the krais) Miskitu and Sumu will eat them, and the whole crab. This crab is the food for the kulmang, the "perry people," (fairy people, likened to the Spanish duende.)
  • Léxica:
    Also kyak. See also 'krais' and 'wairu.'

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