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1. animal,food,reptile fresh water turtle


  • Etnográfica:
    They are very hard to catch because they swim fast and dive deep. Men and boys dive for them, usually catching them by hand up in creeks and rivers. They eat them, feet and all; they especially like the females that have eggs, which they stew in the pot with the meat. If they find the nest, they dig up the eggs and boil them to eat. They use the shell for a musical instrument. As of 2009, Mestizos, and even some of the younger Ramas, were using scuba masks and homemade spearguns to catch both fish and hicatees in rivers and creeks, further decimating the already decreased numbers.
    Rama nickname for Cristina Benjamins. "Paaruk" is a generic for freshwater turtles; paaruk alone usually refers to either the "speckled" one (sisiknga), or a black one (parnga). Others may go by either "paaruk" plus the other name, or simply by the other name, e.g., "kaat plat."
  • Léxica:
    Hikiti in Kriol from jicotea in Spanish.

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