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1. food,plant bean


  • Etnográfica:
    Small red beans, a lot of which they grow themselves, and from which they save some to plant again the next time. Like other crops, a lot of work to keep animals away from, to weed, to harvest, to shell and to dry. Used to keep them in a gourd to keep them dry and to help keep out mice, weevils, etc. Now they use jars or other containers. If they get weevils, they won't germinate. Eaten boiled, stewed with coconut milk, stewed in coconut milk with rice (and salt plus onion, black pepper, gourd pepper, if you have it), boiled, sometimes fried. (coconut oil if they have enough coconuts to make it). Newly-harvested red beans accompanied by boiled or stewed breadkind are very tasty. If they have enough, they will sell some.
  • Gramatical:
    With the class marker '-up' for roundish shape. Has two variants 'nguskup' and 'biinz'. The second one is a borrowing from English 'beans'.

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