kiibing pronunciación


1. measuring,mov straight

1. body not curly

2. plant not curved

5. measuring well done

6. frank

7. fair play


  • Etnográfica:
    Has more or less the same polysemy as English 'straight'.
    In the concrete sphere it can qualify objects that are not curved, not bent, not crooked, not curly. It can also qualify a movement.
    In the abstract sphere it can qualify an activity as being well done or a state of mind such as 'fair-play' or 'frank talking'.
  • Gramatical:
    Has a reduced variant 'kiibi' that exists also for all the compounds of 'kiibing'. See 'kitkiibing' (middle), 'kiibingma' (straight), 'aakiibingma' (crooked) and reduplication 'kiibing kiibing' (very straight).

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