I. N

1. fishing,health,palm,plant,tree palm variety

2. artef. pipe bowl

3. artef. torch


  • Etnográfica:
    A bitter fruit that only the Rama used to eat. You cut the bunch of fruits and let it ripen for eight days before you eat it. You eat the seed when it is ripe: yellow outside, and red inside. It is called "Rama pills." It is bitter, but it is good for the blood. You can mix it with coconut trash (the grated coconut that is left after you sqeeze the milk out), or with roast ripe banana. You can also use the seed to make the bowl of a pipe. The siliku torch is to make light to see the snook so you can strike them with a harpoon in dry weather times in the lagoon and in Cane Creek. If you cut it in the rain times you have to put it in the house to dry. You cut off the leaf part, peel back the bark, beat the white part, split it fine, put about three of them in a bundle and tie them up and light the end. Each bundle is two yards long and lasts about an hour. As of 2008, however, there were not enough snook around to torch, and even if there were, more and more people have headlamps now. The leaves also used to make the walls around a house and a sleeping mat when you're in the bush and have nothing else.
  • Gramatical:
    With 'up' for round objects.
  • Léxica:
    Kind of palm tree.

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