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1. food,plant rice


  • Etnográfica:
    One of the main foods of the contemporary Rama. Usually eaten cooked with coconut milk, or cooked in coconut milk with beans which have previously been boiled. They do not usually make the Spanish-style "gallo pinto" with previously cooked rice and beans being fried together with cooking oil, nor do they fry raw rice before cooking it or mix leftover rice with something else for a second meal. Having only rice, "so-so rice" as the whole meal, even with breakind, is reason for complaint. Coconut-stewed rice and beans plus breadkind is a common principal meal, though they prefer to also have some kind of meat or fish as part of the meal. The rice in the rice and beans must not be mushy; they like the grains to separate so that the dish is "shelly-shelly." Round grain rice which naturally stick together when cooking, and which is what has often come from foreign donations in the past, is not to their liking. Many plant rice for their own consumption, and perhaps some to sell. It has to be watched to keep animals from eating it, and has to be weeded, as well as hulled after being harvested. The whole family participates in various of these endeavors. They also clean it (pick out tiny rocks, etc.), and wash it before cooking.
  • Gramatical:
    Loanword from English (rice)

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