Auma Rii


1. toponomy,water Cane Creek


  • Etnográfica:
    The greatest concentration of last speakers of Rama have been living along this creek and in the environs of this creek for generations. Literally means 'tiger creek'. During the Contra War, they scattered, though. As of 2008, there was again a number of people, speakers and non-speakers, in the Aguila/Cane Creek area since a community of Rama had been started in Aguila in the late 80s. Many of these were from Rama Cay, having started to come down through an in-law connection. Many lived principally in Aguila, where there was a school, and had plantations in Aguila and/orCreek. Some with historical connections to Cane Creek both lived and planted in Cane Creek--mostly older ones with no small children to go to school. By 2009, though, Mestizos were moving in heavily from the creek head, and from the interior to the back of Aguila, cutting down the bush, bringing in cattle and hogs, planting corn, cutting Ramas' crops, and taking over and by both intimidation and force.
  • Gramatical:
    Vairation in the length of the final vowel 'rii/ri'

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