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1. artef.,dory dory
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Uut aingwa nipaukka uut yunikaini.
    when I fall a cedar tree, I cut a dory with it


2. plant,tree cedar


  • Etnográfica:
    Dory-making is an important skill for men, but some are much better than others, and in general all make fun of the heavy, ugly, crooked dories Spaniards tend to make. They are made completely by hand, from felling the tree by handaxe to final planing. Seagoing dories have to be shaped differently than dories that will stay in the lagoon or go up river, and not everyone has the skill to make them differently. The preferred tree to use is mahogony, but that is virtually impossible to find now in a big enough size and straight. That can last up to 15 years if you tar it up with cresote so that the salt water worm doesn't destroy it. Samwood 10 yrs.Yamari and ceiba might last 3 -4 years. Sabba 3 years, and cedar 1 - 2 years. If you dream the tree, you will find it while you are walking in the bush. Sometimes you find a really good tree, but after you do all of the prep work and cut it down, you find there's a big hole in the middle, so it's only good for making paddles and other small wooden implements.
  • Gramatical:
    For the meaning 'cedar', see 'uut aingwa'.

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