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aap pronunciación

I. N

1. animal,body,human body , [ESP] cuerpo
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Naap alkiini aingu, naapalngaakari.
    My body itches that's why I am brushing/sweep it.
  • Naap siika u naasarki.
    I rub my body with medicine.

2. body,plant trunk , [ESP] tronco

Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Airitrak kat aap pluuma. Yuup parparnga.
    The tree trunk of the olive is white. Its seeds are black.


  • Léxica:
    Source of very productive relational noun in 'aap su', 'aap ki' (on (the body of)--)