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alkiini pronunciación

I. N

1. food,plant gourd pepper , [ESP] Pimienta gorda

2. body,health itch


  • Etnográfica:
    People grow a number of cooking or medicinal shrubs near their house, especially on Rama Cay. Gourd pepper is used both when still green (slightly less hot) or when yellow and ripe (very hot). You prick one with a fork and set it in the pot; you don't bust it up because that would make the food too hot. You might put it in rice and beans or in a pot of rondon (fish or meat stewed in coconut milk). Gourd pepper has a distinctive scent and flavor. Not eaten raw. Women sometimes sell them in Bluefields.
    You very occasionally come across the red variety (and more likely from Creoles in places such Corn Island), which has a slightly different taste.
  • Léxica:
    Generic for peppers, of which there are many varieties. Could by itself be the gourd pepper.

suula alkiini

I. N

1. food,plant gourd pepper
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Suula alkiini astaiki.
    The (deer) gourd pepper is hot.


suula alkiini
deer gourd pepper


  • Etnográfica:
    Probably called this way because deer eat it.