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1. animal,food,hunting,reptile hawksbill turtle


  • Etnográfica:
    They prefer the green sea turtle meat to the hawksbill turtle meat but this one was more valuable for its shell (tortoise shell), which was sold in Bluefields even though it is a highly endangered species. As of 2008, since the shell is not as readily sold in Bluefields due to tougher laws, some people throw away the plaques!
    If you catch a hawksbill turtle you roast the head and when the meat falls off you hang it high in a cacao tree to make it bear a lot of cacao pods. It is badluck for the hawksbill striker to eat the fin, you are supposed to throw them in the water. but these days the strikers eat the fins anyway.
    It's bad luck for future striking if people pee on the fin bones.
    Ramas eat hawksbill eggs, usually fried these days. The fried egg said to taste like fried chicken egg, but is much larger. Hawksbills lay on the beaches around Pointer Rock ad Corn River.