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I. N

1. animal,hunting,reptile lizard/baselisk


  • Etnográfica:
    Some of these lizards you eat and others you don't. (WO) For some of today's speakers(e.g., NM), kraana, isalii, and tongkeli all refer to the same lizard, the green and brown baselisks, which resemble small iguanas, and can run across the water, hence the name "Jesus Christ lizard." Some Ramas eat them. They are hunted and killed with slingshot or bow and arrow (still yet in 2009, at least in Sumuu Kat). They are generally cooked by softening the meat and cutting it up with the bones and putting it in the pot with the rice, or by first picking off the meat before adding it. There isn't a lot of meat, so it's more to flavor the rice than anything else. The head is roasted for the dog.
  • Gramatical:
    This word was said emphatically to be pronounced with a falling tone on the long aa by the old Rama (Nelly McCrea).
  • Léxica:
    For many Rama today, a generic name for a number of bright green iguana-like lizards. They include young iguanas that are green (like young 'saliuk' and young 'spaapa').