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tauli aing walsa

I. N

1. animal,fish manta ray/sea devil


  • Etnográfica:
    Huge single manta rays (can grow up to 22 feet across) used to be seen off and on out to sea, and in Monkey Point Harbor. Rama described them as being"as big as a house top." But as of 2008, no longer appear to be around. Never pursued for food or for market, which would have been done by striking them with a harpoon as are other large fish. Belief that the danger from them is that either they will fly out of the water and land on your boat, sinking it down, or that they will grab you with the two "hooks" in front (cepahalic lobes) and haul you out to sea.
    Enorme manta raya (puede crecer hasta 22 pies de ancho) se solia ver adentro en el mar y en el puerto de monkey Point. Las describen tan grandes como el techo de una casa. En el 2008 parecía no haber en los alrededores. No se capturan para comer o para vender, si se caza se hace golpeándola con el arpón como se hace con los peces grandes.Se cree que el peligro es vuela y aterriza en el bote hundiéndolo y arrastrándote al mar con sus dos cachos )lóbulos cefálicos.
  • Léxica:
    Walsa borrowed from Miskitu.