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I. N

1. animal,bird scaled pigeon
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Istamiik sii su bii yaakituing. Istamiik kaunka yaaksi `istamiik' `istamiik' yaaksi. Istamiik uup saala, yaap aakwaala, itaik saala.
    "The river pigeon lives only on the river. When the river pigeon calls, ""istamiik istamiik"" he sings. His eye is red, his body is pretty, his beak is red."
    La paloma de rio vive sola en el rio. Cuando las palomas llaman, “istamiik istamiik” ella canta. Su ojo es rojo, el cuerpo es bonito, su pico es rojo.

II. onom.



  • Etnográfica:
    There are a number of different pigeons with differnt "cooing" voices. As of 2008 it seems that people find city pigeons which have made their way to the bush to be preferable, perhaps as something new, and are purposefully feeding and raising them. These birds fly free in many places, as do the semi-tamed parrots in Aguila and Cane Creek.
  • Léxica:
    Also "ixtamii."