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I. N

1. animal,fishing,food,shellfish shrimp


  • Etnográfica:
    Either generic for shrimp or for a certain kind of shrimp depending on the speaker. There are different varieties of shrimp in the area at different times. The smaller shrimp, "chacalin," are caught mostly in the lagoon (i.e., not in the sea) in cast nets, during the dry weather months (March - May) when the lagoon is saltier. The larger ones are caught in the sea (but not far out) in August-September, moreso in front of Aguila since it is on the sea. These are usually mixed in with the "seabob," which are small shrimp which are usually dried before being sold in Bluefields, or put up sold and consumed fresh. Chacalin and the big sea shrimps are sold fresh in Bluefields. Seabob are usually dried first. No fancy recipes, no ceviche. Dried ones are often put up in the house for when there is no other meat or fish to eat, or even beans, i.e., bad weather times. They are cooked by adding them to rice cooked in coconut milk, as usual, with black pepper, onion, a gourd pepper if available. Making and casting nets in order to catch shrimps to sell began in the seventies. There are also several species of crayfish of varying sizes which are caught, consumed, and/or used for fishing bait. These are fresh/brackish water dwellers which are washed down into the lagoon during the rainy season.