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I. N

1. animal,food,shellfish small surf clam, coquina
Ejemplo de Frase-Phrase example:
  • Braukubliis kalkaup srung airi yunsuuungi.
    We make ahi soup with fitsbush.



  • Etnográfica:
    You dig them out from the sand on the ocean beach. Very small. You can make soup with them but it is traditionally thick like porridge, made with grated green plantain to which your condiments (small red peppers, onion, black pepper, basil or culantro...) and coconut milk are added. The other, more modern way (which is preferred nowadays by many) is rice-based, i.e., there is no grated green plantain or other breadkind in the soup. In either case, the ahi are first put in hot or boiling water to open, and the meat is picked out. The water (hopefully minus as much sand as possible) is then the soup base to which either the grated plantain or rice is added. The ahi meat is added at the end. (See srung airi.) Not found in the lagoon; found on ocean beaches: Hone Sound Bar beach, and points south such as Monkey Point Beach, Long Beach, etc. Picked in dry weather, e.g., March-May; Sept. As of 2008, ahi had become scarce. First, there was the effect of the hurricane, but worse, Mestizos lately had been introduced to ahi, and had begun to harvest it by shoveling the sand into containers with holes, and then pouring water through. They were therefore harvesting much greater quantities at a time. Long Beach was formerly a favorite location for good ahi-hunting, but no longer.
  • Léxica:
    Very commonly pronounced "shrung," or "shuruung." "Ahi" in KR., borrowed from Miskitu.