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I. N

1. artef.,dom. diesel/kerosene lamp


  • Etnográfica:
    A kerosene or diesel lamp made out of a small can with a snap in lid, like a powered milk can. You make a hole in the lid and make a wick with a piece of cloth. Diesel was the more common fuel used by Rama in locations such as Monkey Point or Cane Creek, i.e., those who traded with commercial shrimp and fish boats, etc. As distinguished from twitwi, made with a cloth wick in a bottle, and more usually using kerosene, as on Rama Cay: they did not regularly trade with fish boats (shrimp boats), and bought kerosene in Bluefields.
  • Léxica:
    "Prup" was also used by some Kriols in Monkey Point. Also given as "pruk."