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I. V

1. health clean , [ESP] limpiar

2. dom.,house sweep


3. scrub

4. brush , [ESP] cepillar

5. scrape , [ESP] rasguñar

6. break scratch

7. nat. be clear


  • Gramatical:
    Has a variant 'aapalng' that is less frequent. The distribution between the two verbs is not related to suffixation of tense or subordinator.


I. V

1. scrape

2. cooking grate

3. rub

4. annoint

4. body massage

5. mov haul

6. mov drag


  • Etnográfica:
    Multiple ways of using hand accross object, or make object scrape on floor!

    Las múltiples maneras de usar las manos de un lado al otro de un objeto, o hacer que un objeto raye el suelo!
  • Gramatical:
    'aasarik' is the complete stem. But the form with the last vowel 'i' elided, 'aasark', is by far the most used variant. 'aasrik' is another elided variant.

    'aasarik'es la stem cpleto. Pero, la forma con la última vocal 'i' es eledida, 'aasark', es, de lejos, la variante más usada. 'aasrik'es otra variante eledida.