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awas pronunciación

I. N

2. nat. light , [ESP] Luz

3. plant rubber , [ESP] Caucho, latex


3. artef.,hunting,plant slingshot

4. plant,tree pine tree , [ESP] Pino

5. health rubber sap


  • Etnográfica:
    Generally used to mean "light" from any source. Rubber tree sap also called "awas" because you can use it to "catch fire" when you don't have diesel or kerosene, or to burn for light. This is done by cutting the rubber tree and letting the sap harden into solid rubber, which then immediately catches fire from a lit match. There are also a number of other uses. For example, you can "haul" a piece of hardened rubber into a string to wind around the part of your handline above the hook as you would a wire leader in order to make it harder for a fish to cut the line. Can also be used for the light to torch in the night in the bush, though as of 2008, more people were acquiring headlamps for this purpose. Also used to make the rubber part of a slingshot. To do this you carve a mold into the dirt, pour in the sap, and let it harden. Slingshots are made and used principally by young boys for shooting down small birds and lizards. (The small birds are usually not used for anything, though occasionally boys will roast them and eat them, but more just for something to do. Shooting birds is a common activity for young boys among all ethnic groups, especially during the months when songbirds are migrating heavily, such as September.)
    The rubber sap can also be used to make a waterproof rubber sack that floats: For a good-sized sack, secure about 2 1/2 yds of thin cotton cloth horizontally on sticks, mix the rubber sap with some sulfur. Paint it over the cloth with a feather and allow to dry. Fold the edges and seal with more rubber sap. If you tie the sack securely, your pots, pans, clothes, etc. will be safe if your dory turns over. You can also use it as a life preserver. One medicinal use is to paint the "blowhole" of a beefworm with the sap. when the worm tries to come out for air, it will get stuck, and won't be able to breathe. (However, either way, someone will still have to dig the worm out.)
    Some old Ramas still have tools left which they use that were left from the days of the rubber company. There are a few pine trees in Bluefields, but they are not seen in the bush in the Rama territory.
  • Léxica:
    Borrowing from Mikito "auas." Probably because pine also can be used to make torches (Take a piece of pine about three feet long, split it very fine, and light it.....the sap causes it to burn.)


I. V

1. light